Will my billing change monthly based on the transactions for that month?


When you first come on board with us we use your prior 3 months of activity to set a monthly rate.   The monthly rate will stay the same until there is a 10% variance into another category for 3 months. 


Can you provide services for large companies?

Yes, we can accommodate any size organization.*


We have a construction company which requires job costing and reports related to each job, is that something you can do?

Yes, we provide job costing allocations and provide reports showing expenses to budget by job.*


As a non profit, our donors require that we track grants against the grant budget and provide actual vs budget reports for each grant.  Can you do this?

Yes, we work with a lot of non profit organizations and allocate costs against various grants and cost categories for reporting to their donors and board.*


Will you file my 1099s and 1096 at year end for our vendors?

Yes, just send us the W-9 for each vendor and we’re ready to roll.


Can you pay my vendors directly?

Yes, we can pay your vendors via online bill pay – all you have to do is establish a login for us with your bank. *


Can you invoice my customers?

Yes, we can invoice your customers sending them an email containing the invoice.    Or we can send the invoices in pdf format directly to you to disburse as you like.*


*Additional charges may apply