Talent Management - Growing Your Company One Employee at a Time

Struggling with personnel issues? Not sure what is legal? Want to control HR costs? We get to know your business and work closely with management to acquire, manage, screen and retain talent.

How can we help?

• Recruitment, selection and onboarding of new hires – the first impression when employees come on board sets the stage for moving forward.

• We guide management and participate in performance evaluations.

• Perform exit interviews to gather valuable information upon a termination.

• Provide benefits administration (401k, COBRA, insurances, etc).

• Establish and maintain personnel manual.

• Update owners as laws change.

• Create job descriptions and update them as needed.

Since we are not “on staff” ABKramer Group, LLC’s objectivity and neutral stance in terms of office politics is a boon. This neutrality allows us to focus on real issues and solutions, instead of on politics.